About Me

Alison Moger

I graduated from Swansea in 2005 with a BA (Hon) as a mature student; and have currently completed an MA in Textiles at Swansea Metropolitan. I am working as a self employed artist exhibiting nationally and internationally, and also a full member of The Makers Guild In Wales. My work as an artist has evolved from my experiences as a child within the South Wales valleys and explores traditional stitch and print, reflecting on the working class values of community life with its humour and warmth.

The tablecloth played a significant role in my childhood and even to this day when I see a tablecloth being thrown open warm memories will come to mind. During my early years at school my grandmothers house backed onto the schoolyard, so during lunchtime at school my cousins and I would jump over the wall to eat at her table. The tablecloth on these daily occasions would be bold and brightly coloured. The centre of the table would be well worn and faded where the heat of the teapot and hot plates were positioned and the most wear had taken place. Around this table we would be well fed and my grandmother would solve our worries of the day. We would then be sent back to school full and happy.

On Sundays the tablecloth would be quite different, on these occasions we would visit aunties or they would call on us for tea. These tablecloths would be starched and made from the best linen. These beautifully worked pieces were used almost as a silent statement of how well the women of the house kept it in order. At these memorable times I would love to sit there quietly listening to the adult conversation whilst running my fingers over the stitch-work on the cloth and memorising its detail and technique, domestic items and the evidence of women’s work will always be significant within my work.